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Iffley Music Society Concert Reviews

Pelléas Ensemble.  March 11th 2018 Review

Anna Snesar & Ilya Chetverikov.  January 27th 2018 Review

Natalie Clein.  October 28th 2017 Review

Duke String Quartet.  September 17th 2017 News item

Johanna Messner ('cello) and the Hohenloher Quartet with Anna Niehaves (viola). June 16th 2017. Review

Castalian String Quartet.  May 6th 2017 Review

Iffley Music Festival 2017. Maki Sekiya (piano) and Johanna Messner ('cello).  March 12th 2017 Review

Iffley Music Festival 2017. Alissa Firsova (piano) and Natasha Sachsenmeier (violin).  March 11th 2017 Review

Iffley Music Festival 2017. Anna Tilbrook (piano) and Philip Dukes (viola).  March 10th 2017 Review

"Oboes Galore!" Christopher Redgate (oboe) and Stephen Robbings (piano).  November 13th 2016. Review

Piatti Quartet. October 23rd 2016. Review

Lara-Clare Bourdeaux (soprano) and Nicola Rose (piano). September 17th 2016. Review

Community Concert. July 2nd 2016. News item

Maki Sekiya (piano) and Henry Neill (baritone). May 8th 2016. Review

Millbrook Ensemble (piano trio). April 17th 2016. Review

Andreas Moutsioulis (guitar). March 13th 2016. Review

Riyad Nicolas (piano). February 6th 2016. Review

Bonnici String Quartet. November 14th 2015. Review

Retorica. Harriet Mackenzie and Philippa Mo, violins. September 27th 2015. Review

Community Concert. July 4th 2015. News item

Florian String Quartet. June 6th 2015. Review

Giles Underwood (bass-baritone) with the Martlet Ensemble. May 9th 2015. Review

"Bach to Bass-ics". Elizabeth Harré (double bass) and Eppie Churcher (piano). April 25th 2015. Review

Maki Sekiya (piano). March 21st 2015. Review

Pavlova Wind Quintet. November 16th 2014. Review

Excalibur Voices. September 17th 2014. Review

Summer Community Concert. July 19th 2014. Review

Johanna Messner and the Hohenloher Quartet. June 13th 2014. Review

Songs and operatic arias. Jeremy White (bass-baritone) and Mark Packwood (piano). May 11th 2014. Review

The Schubert Ensemble of London with William Howard. Iffley Music Festival. March 14th-16th 2014. Review

"Smoke and Mirrors". Viva Duo: Marion Ackrill (flute) and Jenny Broome (harp). February 16th 2014. Review

Musicians of the Dreaming Spires. December 14th 2013. Review

Songs of Nature and Devotion. London Conchord Ensemble with Daniel Norman (tenor). September 28th 2013. Review

The Fitzwilliam Quartet. March 7th 2012. Review

James Gilchrist, Nicholas Korth, Julian Milford, Thomas Carroll, Daniel Pailthorpe November 11th 2011. Review and Interview with Nicholas Korth.

Harriet Mackenzie (violin) and Milos Milivojevic (accordion). September 17th 2011. Review

The Fitzwilliam Quartet. May 11th 2011. Review

Cordelia Williams. February 16th 2011. Review

Iffley Music Festival. February 11th to 13th 2011. Preview.

Bochmann String Trio. September 29th 2010. Review

Lada Valešová. February 13th 2010. Review

Iffley Festival. February 12th to 14th 2010. Preview

Nagata String Quartet. September 25th 2009. Review

Iffley Music Festival. February 13th to 15th 2009. Preview

Christmas Concert. December 17th 2008. Review

Linda Hannah-Andersson and David Markham. May 25th 2008. Review

Elena Vorotko. February 23rd 2008 Review.

Iffley Anglo-Russian Piano Festival. February 22nd to 24th 2008. Review

James Bowman. March 14th 2006. Review

Schola Cantorum. December 3rd. 2005. Review

Harmony of Nations Baroque Orchestra. September 3rd 2005. Review

Kathryn Whitney. January 21st 2005. Review

Italian & Russian Evening. October 9th 2004. Review

Rautio Trio. March 13th 2004. Review